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Guidelines – Safety & others

Some suggestions and guideline for Applicants :-


Applicants are suggested NOT to leave their Mobile Nos. on any Forum, it might be picked up by wrong person.

Apply with your CV directly by sending at respective email ids.

Be connected through Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, they are comparatively better, safer and easier.

Do not share details, which is not connected directly to employment.

Avoid visiting ‘under-construction sites’ with labourers around, until you are 100% sure of everything.

Visit School / Preschool at such time, when you may comfortably reach back to your home.




Some suggestions and guideline for Schools / Preschools :-


Follow our PDF document guideline, sent to you on your email id.

Avoid conducting Interview / meetings on ‘under-construction sites’ with labourers around.

Proceed for Interview / meetings, after you have installed CCTV.

Follow ethical HR practices, honesty pays.

Keep communication documented and get connected to your candidates through social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google plus.